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Winning Fishing simplifies the recording and management of catches for leisure and commercial fishermen and aids conservation.

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Why WinningFishing?

Record your catches

Winning fishing uses mobile phones and tablets to collect catch data, including image, latitude and longitude, time and provides a list of prompts for other attributes.

Your own database

There is a totally flexible species database - Top level: Group e.g freshwater, seawater, pot line etc, Mid-level: Species: e.g. cod etc and Lower level: Sub-species: e.g. Atlantic cod, Pollack etc.  At any level entries can be added, deleted or edited. The database can be used in other ways – for example a pot line number/description can be added at the Group level and this can form the basis of record keeping and review for creel fishermen.

Protect your data

Details of catches are protected by a User Name and Password and can be stored on a single device or shared among any of the user’s chosen iOS, Android or Windows devices when there is an internet connection.

Choose your own units

Units (e.g inches and cm) can be set for each dimension. If changed, the changed units will immediately be reflected in the catch list.

Your own prompt list

A prompt enables the user to record catch details: bait/lure, gear/rig, method, type of trip, location, environment, tide

View and sort your catches

(Windows app)

Catch data, obtained directly or from a smartphone via the cloud, can be overlaid on Navionics charts (memory card type) including SonarChart in NavigationPLANNER - Version 7.19 onwards.  Data can also be downloaded and sorted.

Winning Fishing
PC software

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